The Leadership Team

We are a team with diverse backgrounds in agriculture,
robotics, and entrepreneurship.

Matt Koball Founder / CEO

Matt Koball has been in the business of agricultural management for over 30 years.  Starting a business providing Farm Labor Contracting and custom orchard management, Matt later transitioned to Plant Manager and Grower Relations for a national food producer.  Matt and his wife Ann currently live on 40 acres of olive orchard in Northern California.

Adam Fine Founder / CTO

Adam Fine brings his background of entrepreneurship, applied manufacturing and robotics to Dropcopter's Unmanned Aerial Systems.  As the original company founder, Adam has spent 8 years developing precision treatment delivery tools. He is also an avid social media producer and consumer, managing media relations for the company.

Mike Winch CMO

Mike Winch spent 20 years designing and delivering software apps and consulting solutions worldwide before transitioning to sales. In 2010, he assumed a sales team leadership role for a $100M portfolio of technology solutions, guiding an organization of cross-functional specialists to consistent over-target performance relative to sales and customer satisfaction goals. In 2017, Mike joined the team to help accelerate Dropcopter's exciting business.

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