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Dropcopter's mission is the automated pollination of orchard crops via unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), farming efficiency, enabled by effective use of new technologies, and driving healthy crop yield growth.  In early 2015, Dropcopter completed its patent-pending prototype and conducted the first-ever UAS pollination of orchard crops, boosting crop set by 10%.  Advancements since that time have been documented by independent research to improve crop set by 25-50%.

Aerial Pollination

With expertise and support from our partners at GENIUS NY and The NUAIR Alliance, Dropcopter has brought its patent-pending "Worker Bee" pollinator to orchard growers.  Our precision delivery methods guarantee that growers' crops are pollinated, overcoming environmental factors like wind, cold and night time that would prevent bee activity.

Dry Materials Crop Dusting

Our 2015 - 2018 trials have shown dramatic crop set increases of 25-50% in almonds, apples, cherries and other orchard crops, scalable across large areas.  Our delivery methods enable us to spread any granular or powdered material with great accuracy.  Applications include seed dispersal. beneficial insect release, leaf nutrients and pest deterrents.


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